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Barry Breede is an author, speaker, and innovation specialist whose time with Cox Industries resulted in creating a proven, systematic approach to successful disruptive innovation within the commodity market. With nearly a decade of experience serving as Cox’s Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, Breede seeks to share a proven step-by-step process for successful innovation, in and out of the utility industry.

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Transforming The Utility Pole

“Innovation” has without a doubt become one of the premier business buzzwords of the past decade, unseating the production-focused mantras of prior years like “lean manufacturing” and “total quality management.” In his book, Transforming The Utility Pole, Barry Breede educates readers on how to successfully innovate within your industry to achieve greater results through a proven process which starts with identifying areas that are ripe for innovation, then carrying ideas through a strategic business analysis, and ending with executable steps to take.

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Meet Barry Breede

Innovation Specialist | Speaker | Author

Barry Breede is Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer of Koppers Utility & Industrial Products, a national leader in the manufacturing and distribution of treated utility poles and lumber. In his role, Barry has been responsible for helping identify and lead the company’s efforts at commercializing new business ventures, products, and services in support of Koppers’ overall business strategy. He’s eager to share his insights for successful innovation for not only businesses within the utility industry, but for all companies looking to disrupt the status quo.

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